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Integra’s commitment to the community


Our responsibilities as a global and a local company extend beyond ensuring that we conduct our business in a professional and responsible manner.

We believe it is a duty and a privilege to contribute to the local communities, in which we operate, and to society at large. It is part of our DNA and as such an integral part of our company’s on-going activities.

This in some cases involves making financial contributions to selected projects. In others it involves contributing management time or organisational skills, either collectively or individually, in support of voluntary organisations that may lack these resources.

Sometimes it may just be spending a small amount of time helping one person in the community to do some training with one of us to help them back on their feet and gain some new skills.

We find by promoting a culture of caring and showing respect across our company and being open to facilitate individuals who feel they have the ability to help, we create an environment that allows “yes, why not – let’s try it”, instead of  “why should we, what’s in it for us?”.

We find that by enriching the community through service we enrich ourselves in many ways.

Projects include:

University of Edinburgh/ Queen Medical Research Institute

We supplied funding for a large open space as coffee and informal meeting room for scientists in the Queen Medical Research Institute at the University of Edinburgh to create a meeting place for the exchange of ideas instead of sitting behind lab benches all day.

Medical Exchange – Europe

As part of our commitment to children and their health, we facilitated a medical exchange between two teaching hospitals in Belgium and in the UK, where recently qualified doctors have the opportunity to work in the other hospital for a year and gain experiences of different techniques and ideas before returning to their home base.

Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, Scotland

We arranged and sponsored a Symposium on high-risk obstetrics at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, Scotland. Specialists from different parts of Europe met to exchange ideas and listen to presentations from leading experts in this field. As a follow on from this we became involved in helping with funding to arrange lunch time talks in Brussels where doctors, whether GP s or specialists, could meet and listen to leading experts in the fields of young child medical care.

On the ground local care

This covers a range of more local ventures, such as working with charities in Cambodia to make sure that local street children have a home and education. Our contributions in some cases have paid the food bill for the home for a year at a time.

We work with micro financing operations to help them pull together the seed funds to help women in Africa and India set up small businesses, and to help them learn new skills to improve their lives and those of their children.

In Texas more than just donating money to the children’s hospital, we were pleased to find our staff volunteering there as well and getting their families engaged and involved.

Organisations supported by us:

  • Medecins Sans Frontieres, Switzerland –
  • Program “Cops and Kids” – Houston Metro Police Department, USA
  • TSAO foundation, Singapore –