Your trading partner around the world

Helping you to bridge your supply gap


We offer a full range of trading and related services. This goes over and beyond the buying, transporting and delivering of petrochemicals in some cases.

We have accrued a solid base of skills and expertise, resources and intelligence in the course of our business and we have been able to apply these on behalf of customers even where they would not normally fall within the scope of a trading business.

Helping you to bridge your supply gap

  • By undertaking long-term offtake contracts and developing global marketing strategies with producers, who are starting up new projects, but want to focus their efforts on the local market.
  • By carrying out full inventory management of the product on behalf of the producer within his own production facility, taking responsibility for maintaining reasonable stock levels, and shipping out surpluses as and when necessary.
  • By running economic and cost-benefit analyses on behalf of customers who are starting up new projects to assess whether it will be more beneficial to build storage facilities or infrastructure for immediate shipment of product.
  • By actively growing our participation in the ISO-tank sector, enabling us to work with customers in chemical intermediates and specialities markets where the volumes involved tend to be small and the logistics and infrastructure available may be limited, allowing them to access markets they would not otherwise be able to access.
  • By helping customers operate new stand-alone facilities in remote areas in advance of the completion of infrastructure and supply-chain resources they will later be able to rely on.

We are also happy to apply our skills and expertise in areas beyond the normal scope of a trading business, if it means we are able to help solve specific issues.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an enquiry for a service that is not specifically listed.