Your trading partner around the world

Helping you to bridge your supply gap


We can supply the chemical you need or buy the product you want to sell, and make all the necessary legal, logistical and administrative arrangements necessary to complete the deal. As a trader we take title to the product in line with the agreed terms and ensure the correct logistical solution to take or make delivery.

We do not simply broke products, but take ownership into our contract positions or our portfolio.

Real-time global intelligence

We have experienced, well-connected traders and operators in major trading hubs around the world, with expert knowledge of the business, in constant contact with the markets and with each other. This means we know what is happening as it happens, and we can judge what it will mean for our business and yours, both locally and globally.

For example, a customer in North America found he had to ship a cargo at short notice and needed to work fast to identify his best option. The job was passed to our Asian offices as the day ended in North America. The markets in Asia were leading CFR prices at that time. However, we were quickly able to establish in Asia that despite the favourable pricing, shipping space would be difficult to obtain. The job was passed to Europe as the day continued in Asia. By the time North America reopened it had been confirmed that the best option was to ship to Central America and thereby take advantage of particularly advantageous shipping rates that had been identified for prompt lifting.

Personal contact counts

Our business is built on close connections and long-standing global relationships. These are one-to-one, face-to-face relationships. Our customers include major multinationals, but our dealings are with people in those companies as well as the company itself.

It means our knowledge of different markets around the world is first hand and drawn from the people who know those markets best. One particular strength is our depth of knowledge about the markets of the fast-growing BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

For example, when global markets collapsed in Q4 2009, we were one of the very few traders still able to take product into China. We were able to do that because of the strength of our relationships there and the trust we have built with our Chinese partners over many years.