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Our global operations team has a strong track record in shipping and logistics in the various sectors we service. They represent a wealth of experience and expertise that help us find optimum solutions in a hassle free fashion, to make our business as seamless and as invisible as possible.

They have experience in shipping operations and agency operations as well as understanding and training in the testing and analysis of the products to ensure that we are arranging our samples and loadings correctly, and reporting this on time and in the correct fashion to our clients and where necessary their bankers.

We understand that trading and shipping is not only about the product itself but also the paperwork around the cargo that allows the easy transit through ports and customs and regulatory bodies. The ship and the cargo may all arrive in the port on time and in correct condition, but if the paperwork and bills of lading are not available and in the correct format, then the cargo could be delayed for many days wasting time and money.